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Regenerative Medicine

Tennessee Equine Hospital is proud to offer the best in regenerative therapies. These cutting edge procedures offer promising results in delaying life-threatening diseases or career-ending injuries. Often times, theses therapies offer the best result when used together, ex. IRAP and PRP (Pro-Stride). Positive results are also found when combined with another stimulating therapy, such as Shock Wave or Laser Therapy. Ask your veterinarian is one of these treatments are right for your horse.

​Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein (IRAP) Therapy

IRAP therapy is used to delay degenerative diseases such as joint disease or osteoarthritis. Both of these and many other muscluoskeletal diseases are leading causes of lameness in horses, especially in equine athletes. Blood of the affected horse is drawn and purified to produce a serum rich with the antagonist protein. A series of injections is then administered into the affected joints. IRAP is used to stop inflammation and slow joint and cartilage damage.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Similar to IRAP, PRP takes the blood of the affected horse and purifies it to reveal a platelet rich serum that can be injected into the affected areas. Blood platelets have various growth factors that can have regenerative qualities once activated. Once purified, the activated platelets can enhance injured areas or areas of inflammation by encouraging new blood vessel, tissue, and skin growth.
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