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Chiropractic Care


A chiropractic exam includes a thorough physical exam and observation of the horse in motion.  A technique called motion palpation is then used to diagnose a VSC.  When a joint in the spine is discovered to have little or no motion, an adjustment is then performed.  An adjustment is a low amplitude, high velocity thrust which restores motion to the spine.  Chiropractic care is a safe non-invasive tool that when used in conjunction with traditional veterinary medicine will keep horses healthy and performing at their optimal level. 

Signs of neck or back pain include:

  •  Reduced performance
  •  Pinning of ears when being saddled or ridden
  •  Tossing of the head
  •  Hollowing of the back
  •  Sensitivity to touch 

Specific disciplines may notice performance issues:

  •  Difficulties with lead changes
  •  Problems with lateral bending
  •  Refusing jumps
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