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Equine - Microchipping - Reasons to Consider Horse Microchipping

Can microchips be used to track my horse?

We implant the microchip in the horse's neck, and then that microchip can be scanned with a special scanner that reads a 15-digit number. To use that number to identify the horse, it has to be registered with a breed registry such as USEF. The microchip can not be used by outside people to track your horse.

Dr. Emily Guest
Tennessee Equine Hospital

Who can scan my horse's microchip information?

Anyone can scan the microchip number if they have a scanner; however, they can't get any additional information besides the number with the scanner. To get that information, you would have to contact whatever registry the horse has been registered with.

Why do veterinarians recommend getting my horse microchipped?

Many organizations such as USEF and the Jockey Club now require a microchip to compete, and so it's essential to have that done ahead of time so you're prepared for your show or whatever event you're taking your horse to. Additionally, in some situations, if the horse is missing or otherwise unable to be identified, the microchip might help identify and prove that that is your horse.

What if I forget or lose my horse's microchip information?

When we microchip your horse, we will also save the horse's microchip number, so we will have that in our records. Additionally, whatever registry you registered the horse with will have that information as well.

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