Dr. Allison Stewart


Dr. Allison Stewart received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University
in 1995. She completed an internship in Equine Medicine and Surgery at Kansas State University
the following year. After this she completed a Large Animal Surgery Residency at Cornell
. During this time, she also finished a master’s degree studying the use of bone
marrow-derived stem cells to treat cartilage defects in horses. She has been boarded in Large
Animal Surgeon in the American College of Veterinary Surgeons since 2001.
In 2000, she worked as a night emergency surgeon at Kansas State University for 1 year before
going into practice as an Equine Surgeon at Equine Surgery Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. She
spent two years at this private referral practice working on race horses, sport horses, and
horses that were beloved members of their family performing both orthopedic and soft tissue
surgeries. Following this, she worked at the University of Illinois where she worked as an equine
surgeon performing equine orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries in all areas. She also taught
third and fourth-year veterinary students basic surgery skills and all areas of equine surgery and
lameness in the horse. At the University of Illinois she also studied stem cells-derived from
tendon, bone marrow and muscle. These stem cells were evaluated for their ability to heal
tendon and cartilage injuries. MRI evaluation of injured equine tendons was also performed to
evaluate the extent of tendon injury and the degree of healing.
Dr. Allison Stewart has also researched and published several clinical studies including
outcomes of septic synovial structures using frequent local intrasynovial antibiotics, the effect
of transphyseal bridging on ALDs of Thoroughbreds, post operative infection rates following a
large number of arthroscopic cases, shock-wave therapy for treatment of navicular disease,
autogenous serum for treatment of equine joints, tendon-derived stem cell therapy for
treatment of tendon injuries, MRI evaluation of tendon injuries, and intra-tumoral treatment of
sarcoids with Cisplatin following debulking.
She has been the on the Scientific Chair for National Meetings including the American College
of Veterinary Surgeons and the Veterinary Orthopedic Society. During this time Dr. Stewart has
also spoken at international, national, state, and local meetings on subjects ranging from her
research in stem cell therapy on tendon healing to how to treat life threatening synovial
infections and wounds in horses with aggressive local antibiotic therapy in addition to systemic
therapy. More recently she has spoken to owners about colic therapy and how early
intervention can help. Some of these presentations will be available online on YouTube under
Tennessee Equine Hospital.
Dr. Allison Stewart strives to offer the best surgical services to clients at Tennessee Equine
Hospital and she is excited to be part of the Tennessee Equine Hospital team. The specialty
doctors provide teamwork to provide both internal medicine and surgery consultation on cases
when needed. She enjoys helping owners with critical equine cases. During her extra-curricular
time she enjoys Country Music, Trail Running, and Triatholon Training.